Be Young 

with Yoga

in 7 weeks

by Richard L. Hittleman

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Is it really possible to become young again?

Richard Hittleman’s smash 60’s Yoga bible for beginners is back! Modernised for the new millennium, it’s core principles and techniques are still intact and relevant today, and the eternal question still remains…

By following the simple instructions exactly as presented to you in this book, you will experience wonderful results in a short period of time. After just a few weeks of practice you will come to realize that you are engaged in the most complete, well-thought-out system of physical health that has ever been devised, and the way you are going to look and feel in just 7 weeks will be the proof!

By practicing the 20 techniques as taught to you in this book, you can expect to achieve the following;

1. To strengthen and recondition your entire body.
2. To regain youthful flexibility in spine and limbs.
3. To help control and redistribute your weight in accordance with your physical structure.
4. To remove tension from its many hiding places in your body.
5. To remain relaxed under pressure.
6. To store and release energy and vital force as needed.
7. To heighten resistance to many common disorders.
8. To restore grace, balance, poise and self-confidence.
9. To awaken the vital force to help gain control of your emotions and your mind.
10. To improve in every one of your activities.

Begin your journey TODAY on the road to a second youth!

Be Young

This book contains the instructions for learning 20 dynamic Yoga techniques in a 7 week plan.

with Yoga

There lies within you (and only within you) the tremendous vital force necessary to continually regenerate  your physical self.

For Life

Continue to practice patiently and carefully, following all directions as closely as possible and experience wonderful results.